Thank you internet

The world is full of good people who freely share their knowledge and know how.

We are grateful to the open-source movement that taught us how to build systems at scale. And we are grateful to countless invisible individuals who published their work in the form of docs, articles, videos and tutorials for us to learn. Krim is our way to give back. Krim is how we close the loop.

Closing the loop

Krim Labs was founded by Shivek Khurana in the year 2017. Initially a consultancy that spun-off from a failed startup, Krim has evolved into publication about building software and software companies. We publish our tutorials, opinions and articles about old and new tech and it’s moral implications. It's our way of giving back to the community.

Over 1200 people follow Krim Labs and its author Shivek Khurana on various social platforms and email lists. Our research and publications have reached over 1 million readers over the past 4 years. We care the most about:

Recent Posts

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We love Clojure so much that we made a course about it !!!

Clojure Course

Clojure is a functional hosted LISP known for its expressiveness. But since it’s not widely used, documented or advocated for, we decided to make a course about it. This course is a distilled form of our Clojure journey over the years.

Focused at React.js developers, this course starts from setting up the editor and walks through building a Canva like graphics editor. Complete with authentication, state management, routing and API integration, for $49 only.

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