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Startup Ideas from February 2020

Shivek Khurana
Shivek Khurana
Feb 7, 2020

This month's startup ideas have 3 offerings:

Text to social media ads


Most posters/ads/banners are not creative production, but just an aggregation of stock photos, graphics, and content. This aggregation takes is a set of menial tasks like:

  • Search Stock Photo Sites
  • Search Stock Graphic Sites
  • Create a simple Design


Automate these tasks in an engine that can convert any text into a banner.

Target Audience

Bloggers, Ad Agencies, Maybe People who make presentations.


  • A neural network that studies existing ad designs
  • An NLP engine that parses a sentence, fetches relevant images and illustrations
  • A design engine uses the neural net and fetched resources to create a variety of ads
  • A user selects one or more ads and the neural net runs again, generating a new set
  • Ultimately leading to every account with a slightly different accent of posters being generated

Hypothesis to test

  • Can a neural engine create usable ads?

Hindi Search Engine

This one is really tough in my position, but the point of these posts is not to worry about what is feasible.


India is set to surpass China in terms of population, has over 627 million broadband users as of 2019 (that's only 17% of the population). This number is continuously increasing, but there is no search engine designed to handle regional content.


Create a regional search engine to serve rural traffic. Users whose first or second language is not English. Like Yandex, but for India.

Hypothesis to test

Vague, can't say.


A universal navigation system

A mouse is nothing but a 2D pointing device. It's not as fast as a keyboard but is more versatile. What if we can reach every clickable thing on the screen without using the mouse?

For a power user like a developer, it could mean saving a lot of time that was used to drag the mouse. The following images explain the idea better.

The screen as we see it

On pressing Command, every clickable is given an address so it could be accessed instantly

In the case above, pressing Cmd + A will click the blog link.

Target Audience

  • Power Users
  • Developers


  • A chrome extension that highlights all anchors and makes them instantly accessible or
  • An os level service that creates this address overlay

Hypothesis to test

  • Is a direct address is faster and more efficient than moving the pointer?
  • Will it be possible to always highlight all anchor?

Do you find these ideas intriguing? Let me know on twitter :)