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5 internet people I follow for advice

Shivek Khurana
Shivek Khurana
Jul 9, 2018

The internet is full of gems, gold and scrum. There is a lot to learn and a bigger lot to avoid. Here’s my list of goto people, who shaped my thought processes. In no particular order :

Jason Fried

Jason is the CEO of Basecamp. They have a philosophy of slow growth, profitable companies. He has co-authored a book about remote work. And something about communicates authenticity.

He gets things done and I strive to imitate his style.

He’s not only a tech guy or a sales person, Jason is a true marketer. His content and videos an podcasts are high quality. I followed his lead and started publishing content. He has taught be the importance of ethical branding.

Melanie Perkins

Melaine is the CEO of Canva, one of Australia’s most famous startup. I saw a talk by Melanie and her positivity was over powering. She is someone who’ll make people want to follow her leadership.

Read about their honest story about how Canva took almost 10 years to become an overnight success. The woman is a force of nature.

Aytekin Tank

Aytekin is the CEO of JotForm and often publishes stories which are against customs. Like how he didn’t follow his dream to be successful and how he kept is safe day job while building JotForms. His way of writing communicates a humble and unassuming nature.

His problem solving skills are something I’d like to imitate.

Gavin Aung

Gavin is the founder of Zen Pencils : Cartoon quotes by inspirational folks.

If you are:

  • feeling low and are looking for motivation or
  • feeling motivated and are looking for rocket thrusters,

Zen Pencils is the place to go. Gavin left his safe designer job to create comics and publish them on his blog. Crazy decision. Crazy talented individual. Some of my favourites are Man in the arena, Strange like me, The monster named fear, My spirit is a roaring sea, Ithaka, It couldn’t be done and To love at all.

Maciej Ceglowski

Maciej is an Indie hacker and the brains behind Pinboard. His sense of humor and depth of wisdom are lethal. Here’s a talk by him at the XOXO Festival in 2013. His storytelling skills are paramount and his twitter feed is a must read.

The man lives in Antartica and gives talks about why you should barely succeed. His presentation skills are exemplary. Put him in front of a bored audience and everyone will be laughing when he leaves.

Who inspires you ?

It took me many years to find out people I actually want to hear from. And as you can see, I have a read modest list. Who are the people that inspired you, let me know on twitter @shivek_khurana !

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