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Tinycanva: Clojure for React Developers

A course on building a web-based graphics editor with Clojure.

Clojure is a remarkable tool for thought

But LISP syntax, small talent pool, unorthodox development process, and lack of types make it tough to pickup or recommend.

That’s why we built this course! So we can recommend Clojure to our friends and clients.

Who made this course?

Shivek Khurana is a Senior Clojure Developer at Status, one of the largest open-source ClojureScript codebase with over 6400 commits.

Before joining Status, he worked at JUXT, the company behind Yada, Bidi and, Crux as a Senior Consultant building enterprise applications.

He has helped small startups and a few large enterprises build products at a 10million+ user scale.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for Senior Developers who are well versed with another language and want to grow more in the realm of functional techniques with Clojure.

It is also designed for Tech Leads and Hiring Managers who want to nurture Clojure talent inside their teams.

What can you expect to gain?

In the short term, you will have a Clojure set up, understand the syntax, the tooling, and discover the joy of the REPL. You'll also be able to transfer your existing knowledge about frontend routing, state management and React to Clojure land.

In the long run, Clojure helps you think in a scalable way. The ideas from Clojure will seep into other parts of your professional life, and in extreme cases, in your personal life.

What will you build?

The course is available in two modes, a free version (reduce mode), meant for auditing the classes and course contents, and a full version (transduce mode), meant to jump-start ClojureScript learning.

The free version introduces the basics of the language, and the full version walks through building a full-fledged web-based graphics editor app from scratch.

What’s the mode of delivery?

The course consists of 2h 27 minutes of video content, 41 text lessons, and source code for each lesson.

The delivery is managed by our partners at Newline, an online publishing platform with 40+ courses and 50,000+ registered learners.

Your data and payments are handled directly by Newline and are subject to their terms of service and privacy policy.


$ 0.00
Reduce Mode
Downloading and install ClojureScript on Mac or Linux
Editor Setup
Setting up required modes and packages in VS Code or Emacs
Syntax and Hosts
Clojure's hosted nature and interpreting LISPs
Build tools
Comparison of Java, JavaScript and C# based build tools
Project Structure
Our opinions about structuring a ClojureScript project
Shadow CLJS Intro
Walk through Shadow (A CLJS to JS compiler)'s APIs.
Intro to REPL
Connecting editor to the REPL and executing code using inline evaluation
Structural editing
A primer on editing S-Expressions using Paredit
$ 49.00
Transduce Mode
Everything in Reduce Mode plus
Standard Library
Conditionals, Sequences and sequence operations, function definition and destructuring
Threading macros
Syntactic sugar to manage deeply nested function calls
Thread safe and mutable state containers
Host Interoperability
Methods to access the functionality and packages of the host (Java or JavaScript)
A web based graphics editor in ClojureScript built from scratch, with features including:
Functional UI with Reagent
ClojureScript wrapper for React
State management
with Re-frame A state container that inspired authors of Redux
Authentication and Authorization UI and logic with Firebase Auth
API Integration
With Firebase realtime database
SVG Editor
Web based graphics editor with FabricJS. Integrated with API
Frontend Routing
With react-router and JavaScript interop
Production packaging
Packaging the web frontend with environment specific configuration
Code splitting
Optimizing load times by breaking down the codebase into smaller chunks
Unit testing
Testing state management lifecycle and other pure functions
Enrollments, payments and course delivery is handled by Newline.

Can't commit to a coures?

We understand that everyone might not have the time or motivation to go through an extensive course. Here is our reccomendation on other free resources to jump-start your Clojure journey:

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