Software Developer Intern
New Delhi
Krim Labs is a software development studio based in New Delhi. We are looking for young individuals with a bent toward software development to join our small team of hackers. This is a paid position.
We value work life balance and religiously avoid meetings, bureaucracy and office politics. We are fans of Basecamp and get sh#t done. You can read more about our work and check (our biased) views about our culture.
We expect you to take on the following responsibilties and meet some basic requirements:
Build, extend and manage REST and GraphQL APIs
Build, extend and manage DevOps pipelines on AWS
Build, extend and manage React based user interfaces
Learn & implement our functional stack
Payback to the community in the form of open source libraries and tutorials
A desire to learn the Hacker's mindset
Demonstrable projects/ contribution to open source community
Desire to learn how to build web & mobile applications
Interest in writing functional LISPS (preferably Clojure)
To apply, send your CV, Github and cover letter to careers at krimlabs dot com.