Most careers page start with a list of perks and pictures of team members playing football on a beach. But we believe that the ultimate satisfaction comes from the work we do.

Not that we don't like the beach or perks. Only that we value the impact our work creates more than the perks.

We are a group of hackers who started riding the internet wave 10 years ago and have built a stable cruise ship now. At our core, we are a consultancy business that also incubates products (and ideas).

Everyone here codes on a daily basis and we strive to keep it that way. We have strong opinions about the tools we use and respect Emacs heads more than Vimmers.

We are amazed by and rely on the open source community and do our best to payback in the form of blog posts, tutorials, libraries, and even full-fledged software. Working here would give you access to many brilliant developers and product minds.

Clojure is our language of choice but we often venture into the JavaScript realm. We are deeply invested in the React.js ecosystem.

Our clients range from enterprise companies to data-focused startups. The majority of our experience lies in the b2b/enterprise space.

We are not just about work. In fact, we are deeply inspired by the principles of Slow Growth and Rework.

If you are a fan of Basecamp, you'd feel like home at Krim.

Every employee is entitled to:

  • A generous library and book budget. Read all you want to. We'd even buy you a Kindle if you prefer portability.
  • Weekly team lunches and movie screenings.
  • Premium health insurance (which we wish you never need to claim)
  • Informal work environment with minimal heirarchy.
  • Work retreats and recreational trips (this is the part where we go to a beach).
  • Relocation support and guidance.
  • Anything else? Just ask. We might say no, but you have a no already if you don't ask.

We have open positions in New Delhi and look forward to hearing from you.

We don't have any positions open at the moment.

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